Become a Substitute Teacher!

The Metropolitan School District of Warren Township would like to announce our partnership with Kelly Education, a leading provider of substitute teachers to school districts across the U.S. Kelly Education will manage our substitute teacher program starting with the 2020/2021 school year. A trusted partner to over 8,600 schools nationwide, Kelly substitutes provide learning continuity in the classroom when permanent teachers are absent.

Kelly Education prepares their substitute educators to succeed in every classroom by offering access to highly respected training and professional learning programs and encourages employees to further their teaching career in specialty areas including STEM, ELL, ECE and special education.  

If you are interested in becoming a Kelly substitute to work in our schools, we invite you to apply by utilizing the following link: https://calendly.com/kellyscheduling or by emailing 2570@kellyservices.com. You may also call 317-917-0159 option 1.