Health Sciences

Grade 11 - 2 hours
Dual Credit: Ivy Tech (3 hrs) if two semesters are taken
Prerequisite for Dual Credit: (ACT R18/W17/M18, PSAT R46/W46, SAT R460/W460, ACCUP R76/W80/)

Health Science Education is open to juniors interested in careers within the medical related fields. The class is designed to introduce the students to the basic foundations related to the vast array of medical careers, with a minor focus on individual requirements necessary for related occupations. Health Science gives the student the opportunity to explore a number of health related careers through guest speakers and field trips. Students will learn entry level skills in a lab environment. A strong science and math foundation is important and a successful completion of Biology 1-2 is required. Dual credit is available to Ivy Tech Community College to those demonstrating competence at mandated levels.

Health Science Education II

Grade 12 - 3 hours (fall semester)
Dual Credit: Ivy Tech (3 hrs) if two semesters are taken

The Health Science course is open to seniors who have successfully completed Introduction to Health Science Education 1 & 2. The course content includes competencies that prepare the student for specific occupations within the health care system such as nursing assistant and pharmacy tech services. This course allows for more in-depth knowledge, skills, and aptitudes to be developed in a specific occupation. This is a three-hour class offered in the fall semester. Students are responsible for purchasing uniforms to participate in practicum. Students will be required to have a physical and required immunizations.