Adult & Continuing Education Chronicles

Burlington English

Burlington English is a standards-based, fully blended curriculum that offers courses to meet every English learner's needs.  This program year, all students enrolled in Warren's multilingual classes receive a Burlington English account.  The program is used in the classroom and can be accessed at home.  Students work at their levels and obtain both academic and workforce readiness skills.  Warren ACE is excited to have Burlington English as part of its English Language acquisition curriculum.
Total Transcript
Beginning July 1, 2023, Indiana introduced the Total Transcript® as an additional pathway for adult education students to earn their High School Equivalency Diploma.  The Total Transcript® can combine test scores from multiple exams that include TASC®, HiSET®, and GED®.  This option benefits all students across the state since the type of exam offered has changed over the years.  Regardless of the exam(s) taken, the credential achieved is the same.  All students in Indiana earn a state-issued High School Equivalency Diploma.  Congratulations to Porsha Miles!  She is one of the first students at Warren who achieved her HSE through Total Transcript®.
Construction Class
This week Warren welcomed the first Construction Training Class for the new program year.  Thirty-eight students are enrolled in the class making this one of the largest cohorts in the past few years.  The students will attend classes on Mondays and Wednesdays and participate in hands-on training on Fridays in partnership with NeighborLink.  This training class will run through mid-October.

                                                                  August 14th & 15th - ABE Orientation
                                   August 15th - Assumption Day (Haiti, Mexico, Venezuela)
                                                                 August 28th & 29th - ABE Orientation
                                                               September 4th - Labor Day (No School)
                                                     September 16th - Independence Day (Mexico)