Adult & Continuing Education Chronicles

Live Music

What better way to practice one's English-speaking skills than by singing?  This week one of Warren's multilingual students, Luis Salvatierra, sang "Imagine" by John Lennon for his class.  This was Luis's first time singing in English in public.  Not only did he practice his English skills, but his classmates did, too.  Click here and here to view the live performance.Learning About Photosynthesis
When students in Mr. Rose's class entered the classroom last week, they had an important goal to accomplish.  The students were tasked with explaining what photosynthesis is and how the process is created.  They had to use visuals, text evidence, and vocabulary to explain their thoughts.  The students worked in groups and presented their finished work to each other.  Then they presented their information to students in other classes.  Researching, collaborating, creating, and speaking--this lesson included it all!Show Me the Money
When living in a new country and learning a new language, it is important to understand money.  Students in Ms. Judy's class have been working on identifying currency, making change, and practicing their English skills.  The instructors at Warren know the importance of connecting learning to everyday life.                                                                      September 1st - Warren Homefest
                                                               September 4th - Labor Day (No School)
                                                              September 11th & 12th - ABE Orientation
                                                         September 16th - Independence Day (Mexico)
                                                                  September 18th & 19th - ML Orientation
                                                                    October 9th to 20th - Fall Intersession