Adult & Continuing Education Chronicles

H.T. Hackney

Warren is proud to partner with the local Eastside company, H.T. Hackney, to provide English acquisition classes for the employees.  Classes are held on Mondays and Thursdays, and the employees can attend class before or after their work shift.  These classes will help the employees to improve their speaking, reading, and writing skills.  Three teachers will combine their expertise to instruct almost 60 employees in this first cohort.

Digital Literacy
In addition to academic and workforce-related instruction, Warren Adult & Continuing Education students receive digital literacy instruction.  Students work in the classrooms on laptops and in the computer labs on desktops.  From navigating a mouse to logging in to creating a slide presentation, these skills are necessary to be successful in the ever-changing technological world.
Increased Enrollment
The classes offered by Warren Adult & Continuing Education are in high demand.  Last year, the program enrolled over 1,700 students, making Warren the largest adult education program in the state of Indiana.  This year, Warren ACE has already enrolled over 700 students.  The classes are full of students ready to learn and reach their academic and personal goals.  
                                                                    September 1st - Warren Homefest
                                                              September 4th - Labor Day (No School)
                                                              September 11th & 12th - ABE Orientation
                                                        September 16th - Independence Day (Mexico)
                                                                 September 18th & 19th - ML Orientation
                                                                  October 9th to 20th - Fall Intersession