Adult & Continuing Education Chronicles

New Staff

Warren Adult and Continuing Education is excited to have new teachers on staff this program year.  Tammy Olicoeur joined the ML Team and teaches an intermediate-level class at Highlander Park and a class at H.T. Hackney, one of ACE's company partners.  Tony Parra is also part of the ML Team and instructs an intermediate-level class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Ben Rose joined the ABE Team as the HSE Instructional Coach.  Ben teaches class in the mornings and works with the other teachers on the ABE Team.  Leona Glazebrooks and Tiffany Johnson have joined the ABE Team and teach a course four days a week at Highlander Park.  Ben Buchanan, not pictured, teaches on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and is a part of the ABE Team.  Welcome to all!

CNA at Rosewalk
The current CNA students are in the middle of completing their clinical time at Rosewalk, an American Senior Community.  Ms. Priscilla leads the students as they prepare to take their certification exam in just a few short weeks.  The students become like a family during their time together.  During this ten-week training, the students find some time to have a little fun, too.

Student Success
The new school year is underway, and many students have achieved their first gains.  Students are recognized by receiving a Certificate of Educational Advancement.  Congratulations to these students and the many others who are finding success at Warren Adult and Continuing Education.

                                                                                     September 1st - Warren Homefest
                                                                              September 4th - Labor Day (No School)
                                                                              September 11th & 12th - ABE Orientation
                                                                    September 16th - Independence Day (Mexico)
                                                                               September 18th & 19th - ML Orientation
                                                                                  October 9th to 20th - Fall Intersession