Adult & Continuing Education Chronicles

"Visit Indy" Tourism Project
The students in Ms. Brenda Gaston's class are currently working on their tourism projects.  These projects began by having the students survey other students and staff throughout Highlander Park and asking individuals where they prefer to visit in Indianapolis in their free time.  Next, the students chose their groups and the Indianapolis attraction they wanted to research.  Currently, the groups are researching their topic and finding compelling images to persuade their audience to visit the attraction.  Ms. Gaston's classes will present their final projects to students, staff, and guests on October 2nd and 3rd.
Learning About Figurative Language
Figurative language is coming alive in Mr. Ben Rose's HSE class.  The students read excerpts from different Roald Dahl stories and were tasked with identifying the types of figurative language used.  Then, the students explained the meaning of the figurative language they had, illustrated it, and explained how it added to the passage.  To practice their speaking skills, the students read their assigned passages aloud.   
Damien Center
Warren has opened a new ABE class at the Damien Center on Arsenal Avenue in Indianapolis.  The class meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and is instructed by Ms. Rachel Hilligoss.  The Damien Center provides many services and is excited to provide adult education classes.  The students are working toward achieving their HSE and plan to enroll in one of Warren's Career Training Classes.
                                                                    September 16th - Independence Day (Mexico)
                                                                          September 18th & 19th - ML Orientation
                                                       October 9th through October 20th - Fall Intersession
                                                                                                October 31st - Halloween
                                     November 1st through November 2nd - Dia de los Muertos (Mexico)