Adult & Continuing Education Chronicles

DWD Commissioner Visit
Warren Adult and Continuing Education began National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week by hosting a tour for Indiana's Department of Workforce Development, including Commissioner Richard Paulk.  The visit included meeting new students attending orientation, hearing how one of the program's Haitian students came to Warren, and visiting the BY Construction training class.  Adult Education and Family Literacy Week focuses on how adult education enables access to educational and employment opportunities.  Warren ACE is proud to be one of the more than fifty adult education providers in the state.

H.T. Hackney
One of the Department of Workforce Development's goals for an adult education program is to create partnerships with community businesses to provide classes for its employees.  Warren Adult and Continuing Education and H.T. Hackney have developed such a partnership.  Employees can attend one of two English acquisition classes on Mondays and Thursdays.  Last week, Division Director Jerry Haffner, Director of Instructional Design Lara Pastore, and Workforce Education Initiative Coordinator Roy Melton visited the site.  They all had the opportunity to meet the instructors, observe the class, and speak with the students.  The students and staff are very grateful for this class and the support of DWD.
ML Orientation
Warren ACE welcomed almost 300 new students to its English acquisition classes.  The students participated in a getting-to-know-you icebreaker, toured the building, met teachers and staff, and completed a pre-assessment.  The students' goals for attending the program include obtaining a better job, earning an HSE, enrolling in a career training class, and helping their children with homework.  Haiti, Nicaragua, Honduras, Columbia, and Ukraine were just a few of the home countries represented.

                                          September 15th through October 15th - Hispanic Heritage Month
                                                        October 9th - Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples' Day
                                                          October 9th through October 20th - Fall Intersession
                                                                                   October 17th - Dessalines Day (Haiti)
                                                                                                    October 31st - Halloween
                                          November 1st through November 2nd - Dia de los Muertos (Mexico)
                                                                                     November 1st - All Saints' Day (Haiti)
                                                                                     November 2nd - All Souls' Day (Haiti)
                                                                                   November 6th & 7th - ABE Orientation