Adult & Continuing Education Chronicles

WEI Course at dormakaba

The latest cohort at dormakaba came to an end for the semester. The class, instructed by Ms. Marcia Bridges, was very successful. All students showed growth and improved their English-speaking skills. The students will continue to work on Burlington English over the next couple of months and return to class when the next cohort begins in February. Many of the students are currently testing and working toward earning their HSE.
Test Preparation
As the first semester winds down, students are engaging in many activities to help them review for their upcoming post-tests. Classes worked in small groups, took practice tests, and reviewed fractions by making protein bars. Mr. Spaulding understands the importance of feeling relaxed before taking an exam, and students in his class participated in a parachute activity called the Colors of Life to lower stress levels. The students are ready to take on the final month of the year.New HSE Graduates
Congratulations to Alexis David, Juan Carmona, Madison Lyman, Jeremy Collins, and Zane McHatton for achieving their High School Equivalency Diploma. The students earned their HSE by passing either the HiSETⓇ or GEDⓇ exams. Earning this credential is a life-changing accomplishment, and Warren ACE is proud to have helped these five individuals achieve their goals.
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                                                                                       December 11 &12 - ML Orientation
                                                     December 21 - Last Day of Classes before Winter Break
                                                                                              January 8 - Classes Resume
                                                         January 15 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No Classes)
                                                                                       January 22 & 23 - ABE Orientation