Adult & Continuing Education Chronicles

Staff Professional Development

Last Friday, the Warren Adult and Continuing Education staff gathered to participate in program-wide professional development. Topics covered included the importance of structure and agendas and the need for students to engage in authentic speaking opportunities. Multiple members of the staff presented throughout the day. The time together was full of strategies for the teachers to implement in their classrooms.

New HSE Graduates
Congratulations to Alithma Herrera, Jecxy Cabrera, and Ingrid Perez! These three students passed all four GEDⓇ exams to earn their HSE. Achieving this milestone is just one of the first steps in their educational journeys. Warren is excited to see what their futures hold.

In Memory
It is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to our dear colleague and friend, Ray Clift. Ray was more than just a colleague; he was a positive and happy presence, a loveable man whose stories brightened our days. For many, he was not just a colleague but a wonderful and thoughtful Driver's Education Instructor, deeply committed to shaping responsible drivers. His impact on countless individuals over at least twenty years until this past December is immeasurable. Today, we mourn the loss of Raymond, a sweet and loving soul whose memory will forever live on in our hearts. Let us take a moment to reflect on the valuable lessons we learned from him and cherish the stories that made him the remarkable person he was. Please take a moment to remember and honor a cherished community member.

                                                                                     February 3 - Legislative Forum 
                                                                       February 5 - Constitution Day (Mexico)
                                                                             February 10 - Lunar New Year (India)
                                                    February 13 - Adult Education Day at the State House

                                                              February 13 - Carnival/Shrove Tuesday (Haiti)
                                                                                         February 14 - Valentine's Day
                                                             February 14 - Carnival/Ash Wednesday (Haiti)
                                                                   February 19 - Presidents' Day (No Classes)
                                                                                        February 24 - Flag Day (Mexico)