Adult & Continuing Education Chronicles

New HSE Graduates
Congratulations to Maritza Ramirez, Isidore Ngefac, Edwin Rodriguez Parada, and Katherine Romero! Earning an HSE is an achievement to be celebrated with family and friends. Warren Adult and Continuing Education is honored to be a part of their educational journeys and to help these individuals reach their goals. Caps off to four new members of the Class of 2024!

Engaging Activities
If teachers want students engaged in their learning, teachers need to provide the students with innovative, challenging, and purposeful activities. That is exactly what the instructors at Warren ACE do. Students in Mr. Parra's class practiced their measurement skills by making lemonade. They also practiced reading washing instructions by removing stains in different materials. In Ms. Judy's class, the students learned to identify coins and count money. Making learning relevant is a key to success.

All About Volume
To prepare for the GEDⓇ or HiSETⓇ exam, students must understand volume, the amount of space in a three-dimensional object. In one of this week's lessons, the students learned how to find the volume of objects such as prisms, cylinders, pyramids, cones, and spheres. They also practiced their calculator skills when finding the solution. These skills will be reviewed in the following weeks before taking the GEDⓇ or HiSETⓇ math exam.

                                                                                  February 10 - Lunar New Year (India)
                                                         February 13 - Adult Education Day at the State House

                                                                      February 13 - Carnival/Shrove Tuesday (Haiti)
                                                                                               February 14 - Valentine's Day
                                                                   February 14 - Carnival/Ash Wednesday (Haiti)
                                                                        February 19 - Presidents' Day (No Classes)
                                                                                              February 24 - Flag Day (Mexico)