ACE Weekly Update

Success Story

Harry Rosario Jolicoeur is a Warren Adult and Continuing Education student who began with the program in July 2023. He improved his English skills in one of the program's ML classes and earned his HSE on January 24, 2024. Please read his story below.

Suddenly leaving my country to find myself in a completely different environment wasn't easy, especially with a different language. That's why, upon my arrival in the US, even though I had some basic English knowledge, I realized my first step was to learn English. 

This led me to enroll in the Warren Township Adult Education Program to improve my English skills. “Right off the bat”, I can say my experience was excellent: not only did I work on my spelling, grammar, and writing, but also on my spoken English. I also had classes and projects that focused on the culture and history of the USA in general and Indianapolis in particular: places to visit, sports tournaments, food, etc., which greatly helped me acclimate to this new environment. 

I had classes twice a week but also had access at all times to the Burlington program, which allowed me to continue practicing English wherever I was. This was very important because language learning primarily comes through practice. 

Once I completed all the levels of the English program, I was encouraged by the staff to take my GED. Therefore, I also give special mention to the school staff. They create an environment that encourages work and success: all the walls are covered with motivational words, and the teachers are understanding, patient, and encouraging. Without their support, I wouldn't have made it to the end! 

In conclusion, I can say that the program has allowed me to improve my English greatly, has given me the confidence to apply for jobs that I enjoy, and, most importantly, has allowed me to access higher education. Today, I am proud to be enrolled in Ivy Tech's Design Technology program, a field I am passionate about. 

As I look back on my journey, I am grateful for the opportunities the program provided. I am excited to continue pursuing my passion for design with confidence and determination.

New HSE Graduates

Congratulations to Jason Myers, Jessie Norestin, Delmy Pineda, Daval Franklin (not pictured), and Sandiny Pierre (not pictured) for reaching their goal of earning an HSE. Jessie stated, "Warren Adult Education is a good school! I achieved my goal with the help of this wonderful school, and I am so grateful." Delmy feels better prepared to apply for a better job in the United States, her new country. She is proud of herself and is ready to continue growing. Sandiny encourages others to stay focused, to work hard, and to improve their knowledge. What a wonderful accomplishment for these five individuals!

ABE Orientation

New students recently joined Warren ACE. The two groups attended an orientation where they learned about the program, met other new students, toured the building, and took placement assessments. The ABE teachers welcomed the students to class this week and are excited to guide them on their path to success. 

April 20 - Warren Clean-Up Day

May 1 - Agriculture and Labor Day (Haiti)

May 5 - Cinco de Mayo (Battle of Puebla)

May 18 - Haitian Flag Day

May 27 - Memorial Day 

June 13 - Warren ACE Graduation