Adult & Continuing Education Chronicles

Dr. Hanson Visits ACE

On Wednesday, Adult and Continuing Education had the honor of hosting a visit with Dr. Hanson at Highlander Park.  Dr. Hanson had the opportunity to visit the BY Construction Class, speak with an ABE student, view the Boot Camp Class, and watch three multilingual students give presentations about their lives and dream jobs.  The students and staff are so appreciative of Dr. Hanson's support and the support of the MSD of Warren Township.
Fathers and Families
One of the many partnerships Adult and Continuing Education has is with the Fathers and Families Center located on Illinois Street.  The mission of the organization is "to build a noble legacy of fatherhood - assisting fathers in achieving self-sufficiency and in strengthening families to improve the life chances of children."  The  Fathers and Families Center offers an HSE class four days each week to help current participants and alumni earn their High School Equivalency Diploma.                                                                       

Earning Achievement Gains
Students in Ms. Judy's class are working hard each day to improve their English-speaking skills.  One of the resources the students enjoy using is the Oxford Picture Dictionary.  This tool helps the students to understand new vocabulary while connecting the English words to words in their first language.  Congratulations to these students for making an Educational Advancement!


Paraprofessional Class 
Become a certified paraprofessional for the MSD of Warren Township.  Classes will begin after Fall Break.  You can make a difference in the life of a child. #WarrenWill

September 5: Labor Day (No Classes)
September 6-7: ABE Orientation
September 9: Warren Homefest
September 12: ELL Orientation
September 17: 8th Annual Recovery Walk
September 19-20: ABE Orientation
               September 21: School Board Meeting