Adult & Continuing Education Chronicles

Multilingual Class Presentations
Students in our multilingual classes continue to present their end-of-the-quarter projects.  Topics presented this week included family life in home countries, favorite vacations, information about the four seasons, and dream jobs in the United States.  It takes great courage to stand in front of others and present.  ACE is very proud of each student's hard work and dedication.


Achievements Earned
Congratulations to two of our multilingual students in Mr. Spaulding's class for earning a Certificate of Educational Advancement.  An additional congratulations to our contest winners in Miss Brenda's class.  These students completed the most distance learning hours through the Burlington English program.  Way to go! 
New HSE Graduates
Congratulations to Doreen Edmond and Jiela Gray for earning your High School Equivalency Diploma.  Your perseverance has paid off and will help you to reach your future goals.  ACE and your families are so proud of you both!



Construction Training Update
This week the evening training class braved the wet weather and practiced using power tools.  Students gained experience by working with drills and saws as well as making accurate measurements.  Hands-on training is just one of the reasons why BY Construction Training is such a success.

                                                            September 19th & 20th - ABE Orientation
                                                              September 21st - School Board Meeting
                                                            September 24th - Latino Heritage Festival
                                                        October 3rd through October 14th - Fall Break
                                                                   October 17th & 18th - ABE Orientation
                                                                            October 24th - ML Orientation