Adult & Continuing Education Chronicles

ACE Success Story - Cassantia Moise

"When I first came to the US in 2018, my English level was very low.  My reading wasn’t bad but my listening and speaking needed some improvement.  So I decided to enroll at Warren Township Adult Education which was referred to me by a friend.  It was very difficult for me to attend classes every day because I worked six to seven days a week.  I did it anyway because I knew that English is important if you live in America.

 The program is very well-equipped.  One of the materials that helped me a lot was the class book with which I could expand my vocabulary and become a bit more fluent.  Also, the ESL Burlington English program was very helpful too.  The teachers were very nice and the staff was always friendly, helpful, and understanding.  It was a great experience for me.

 During a career class, the teacher was talking about training they had like CNA.  When I became more fluent, I decided to take a CNA class.  I took the state exam and passed it on the very first try. 

 Now I’m working as a CNA at Westminster Village.  I like what I’m doing.  One thing about this job is that you’re in constant contact with native English speakers, so I can speak English every day which means more practice. And I'm working on going back to school to pursue my education in nursing.

So, I hope this story helps others in their journey of learning English and getting a career.  Adult Education is a good place to start especially if you're an immigrant.

 Thank you to all the staff.  Your support, advice, and guidance are appreciated."


The Importance of Speaking
The students in the multilingual classes continue to make gains in their reading, writing, and conversation skills.  Having authentic conversations is one of the best ways to become more fluent in a new language.  Not only are the students practicing their English-speaking skills through dialogue, but they are also building relationships with their peers and with their instructors.  

BY Construction Training Class
Registration for the upcoming BY Construction Training is now open.  Click HERE to register today. 

Walker Showcase
On Thursday, November 17th, the Walker Career Center will be hosting an evening Walker Showcase where all 26 career programs will be on display.  This will be an excellent opportunity for everyone to see hands-on activities as well as explore the labs.  Those who attend will also have the opportunity to meet staff members and current students.

                                                                            November 11th - Veterans Day
                                                                         November 14th - ML Orientation
                                                                     November 17th - Walker Showcase
                                                                           November 24th - Thanksgiving
                                                                       November 28th - ABE Orientation