Adult & Continuing Education Chronicles

Success Story
This week, Warren Adult & Continuing Education would like to spotlight one of its recent graduates, Christina Keesling, and share her success story.  
     "When I was growing up, school was not a priority. So I dropped out at the age of 17. As I became older, I knew if I wanted a better life, I would have to go back and finish. I then enrolled at Warren Adult Education through RecycleForce and Keys2Work’s HSE Program to achieve my HSE. My journey began in early 2020 at the height of the pandemic. In-class instruction was thus not an option. I had to then learn from a distance. What this entailed was receiving hard copies of hundreds of assignments; completing them at home, and sending them back to the instructor; ditto for numerous hard copies of various practice exams; using and extensively; as well as weekly ZOOM calls with the instructor spanning many months. In addition, the instructor and I emailed each other almost daily concerning clarifying questions and learning strategies. 
     It was going well initially, however, my life then changed for the worse. My health started to decline rapidly, and no one could tell me why this was happening. I had to make a choice, to yet again, stop going to school. Surgery after surgery, multiple hospital stays, and numerous ER visits, within a two-year span, took a toll on me mentally and physically. My future, at the time, did not look very bright. There were many moments when I didn’t think I would survive. The toll was so great I almost gave up. One day though, I looked in the mirror and told myself, “this is not the end, get up, and keep going!” Armed with this new deep resolve, in late 2021, I enrolled again to finish what I started. 
     Today, despite all the preceding and formidable hurdles, I am honored to say that I DID IT! In 2023, I will be walking across the stage with hundreds of others who had the same goal in mind: “a better life.” To this day, I still struggle with my health, and answers remain elusive. But through it all, I never gave up. 
     No matter what you're going through, my advice is to never give up. If you have goals, dreams, and aspirations, never quit. Also, don’t heed all the naysayers. If I can do it, you also can earn your HSE. In closing, I would like to say “THANK YOU” to my husband and family for their never-ending love and support. And I would also like to thank my teacher, Dr. Query, for always believing in me, and pushing me to be the best I could be. Even though he would invariably say, “no thanks are necessary Christina, though they’re appreciated.”  I now cannot wait to see what the future holds; more so since I know it will be a like a beacon leading me to greater heights."
MSD Warren Township 2023 Referendum

The MSD Warren Township School Board of Education unanimously approved, on January 11, 2023, an operating referendum seeking voter approval of a $0.30 operating levy referendum rate per $100 of property value. With a $0.30 referendum rate per $100 of property value, an average home in Warren Township would see a $4.79/month increase above current property taxes. The original 2018 operating levy approved by voters was for a rate of $0.21.

On May 2, 2023, registered voters of MSD of Warren Township will have the opportunity to vote on this operating referendum.

MSD of Warren Township currently has the lowest referendum tax rate of any Marion County School Corporation that has passed a referendum. Here is a list of areas that will continue to receive added support if the proposed referendum passes.

  • Pre-K through Grade 12 student transportation

  • Staff retention and recruitment, professional development, and family engagement

  • Student and staff technology programs

  • School safety and security programs

  • Student learning, K-12 college and career readiness, and K-12 enrichment programs

                                                               February 5th - Constitution Day (Mexico)
                                                                   February 6th & 7th - ABE Orientation
                                                                          February 14th - Valentine's Day
                                                       February 20th - Presidents' Day (No Classes)
                                                          February 20th to 21st - Carnival (Venezuela)