Construction Trades I

Grades 11-12 (both semesters required)
Dual Credit
2 credits per semester/2 periods per day

Grab your piece of the future with skills that you can take to the bank and that will support you for a lifetime. In Construction Trades I, students learn from the ground up through a hands-on experience building a custom home in a residential subdivision. Students will be involved in carpentry, roofing, insulation, painting, drywall, masonry, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling. Know the joys, frustration, and ultimately the satisfaction of completing a classroom project that you can show your grandparents and your grandchildren.

Other than a willingness to work with your hands and be outside in all types of weather, no prerequisites are necessary. However, introduction to Construction is recommended as well as basic math and geometry. A total of four credits can be earned by taking Construction Technology I. Each student built house will be completed over a two year period. Students who finish a house their junior year will begin a house their senior year. All necessary tools will be provided.

Construction Trades II

Grades 11-12 (both semesters required)
Dual Credit
3 credits per semester/3 periods per day
Prerequisite: Construction Technology I

Play an important role in the completion of a home or be instrumental in the beginning of a new structure. The prerequisite for this course is Construction Technology I. However a first year senior may be enrolled into the senior class. This class will meet 3 periods each day each semester. A total of six credits can be earned by taking Construction Technology II.

This course is a continuation of Construction Technology I. Students will be involved in the exciting completion of a home or start a new custom built residence. All additional training and task completion will be in a job-like environment. Seniors will be able to develop additional knowledge and skills related to specific trades and explore career options.

Students that successfully complete Construction Technology I-II may continue their education through post-secondary schools and apprenticeships. Vincennes University, Ball State University, IUPUI and Purdue University offer varying degrees in engineering, building technology, construction management, and architecture.