Education Professions

Grade 12 - 2 credits per semester/2 periods per day
Prerequisites: Selection process based on school discipline & attendance, teacher recommendations, and academic performances. Child Development and Parenting is recommended, but not required. Dual Credit Ivy Tech (3hrs)
Prerequisites: (ACT R18/W17/M18, PSAT R46/W46/M46, SAT R460/W460/M460, ACCUP R76/W80/M40ELAG)

Educations Professions provides opportunities to explore careers in elementary and/or middle school education and provides a foundation for study in higher education that leads to education and related careers. This course provides a hands-on, project-based approach that utilizes higher order thinking, communication, leadership, and management processes in order to integrate careers in education. This course of study includes, but is not limited to: planning, writing and implementing developmentally appropriate lesson plans; completing classroom observations; applying health, safety, and ethical principles when working with children and adolescents; investigating licensing requirements related to careers in education; and enhancing employability skills related to knowledge and dispositions of elementary and secondary teachers. Additional activities such as writing a resume, developing a portfolio and preparing for a job interview are used to prepare students for careers in education and/or related settings.

Education Professions students are placed in an elementary and/or middle school by their preferred subject are and/or grade level when possible by the high school supervising teacher and the elementary or middle school cooperating teacher. Students should be motivated toward exploring a career in education or related careers. Applicants must have a good attendance record and be willing to accept numerous responsibilities associated with working in an elementary or middle level classroom. Each participant must provide their own transportation. The school reserves the right to reassign participants to a study hall if they are unwilling or unable to satisfactorily fulfill the obligations associated with the role of an “Exploratory Teaching” student. Dual credit enrollment is available with Ivy Tech Community College for those meeting requirements.